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Electrical Construction Services for Industrial Projects


We keep industrial production equipment up to date and ready for immediate use. We’re all about plant automation to keep your projects up and running smoothly, far from costly downtime. One of the ways we’re able to do this is through our web-based work order system. You’ll be able to submit requests, attach photos, and track the status of repairs through your mobile app.


When mother nature interferes with your projects, we’re ready to provide same-day service for any outages or emergency repairs. We are always prepared with custom solutions and quick responses. Our repairs encompass a broad range of specialized electrical work designed to meet the unique needs of industrial facilities.


Whether you need assistance with new construction projects or existing facility upgrades, we have the experience and equipment for expert installations. We ensure that all installations comply with local, national, and industry-specific electrical codes and regulations. Conducting our own inspections and quality checks to verify compliance.


We take pride in our specialized troubleshooting services, from automation and robotics equipment to our state-of the art programmable logic control (PLC). Effective troubleshooting is crucial in industrial settings to minimize downtime, prevent equipment damage, and ensure the safety of personnel.


Testing is a critical phase in the construction process to identify and address any issues or deficiencies before the facility becomes operational. We keep your existing gear maintained and cleaned with our functional infrared and data logging testing. Our team plays a key role in conducting these tests to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.


We provide new installations and test & repair existing Fiber and Ethernet equipment, ensuring your projects won’t skip a beat! By integrating Fiber and Ethernet technology into industrial electrical construction projects provides our clients with a robust and future-proof communication infrastructure that can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, safety, and competitiveness in today’s data-driven industrial landscape.

Our Happy Clients

Don’t take our word for it.

“Great company to work with. They are self – driven which I greatly appreciate being a busy manager in an industrial setting. Great quality of work with great communication. Will recommend to any business that would like to have safe electrical work completed at their business.”

-Hailee Raker, Georgia Pacific

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